Briefing Sheets

8th May 2022: JBCYC Autumn Series Race; Round The Bay Race 4

Welcome to the last race of the JBCYC 2022 Season that will see the completion of the Autumn Series and Round the Bay Series.

Condition are predicted to be light to medium winds with a slight swell of 1.2m (according to Willy Weather & Predict Wind). So there should be great sailing conditions for all boats.

We have selected an anticlockwise Round the Bay; DIV 1 course 19, DIV 2 course 20. 

Please read the Race Briefing notes and check the Sailing Instructions.

Have a great day out there and good luck to all.

And remember if your sail and spinnaker, your a bloody legend!

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PDF file icon JBCYC Course 19 N.pdf JBCYC_Course_19_N.pdf 07/05/2022 384.19 KB
PDF file icon JBCYC Course 20 N.pdf JBCYC_Course_20_N.pdf 07/05/2022 973.40 KB
PDF file icon Race_Briefing_Notes_08_May_2022.pdf Race_Briefing_Notes_08_May_2022.pdf 07/05/2022 54.22 KB