Venue Logon

BCYC has implemented a 2 step process to logging on to a race event:

  • Electronic logon system using "Venue" on the REVSPORT platform
  • On water check-in with JB1
On Water Logon
At least 15 minutes before the start, and no not all at the same time, in an orderly manner call into JB1 and provide:
  • Your boat name
  • The Skippers name
  • The number of Persons On Board (POB)
  • JB1 will confirm the details 
  • You are now signed on for the race
Electronic Logon
Remember YOU MUST LOGON on the DAY OF THE EVENT, not the day before
To be able to logon to a "Venue", which will be your boat name, you will need:
Your skipper should have a laminated sheet with a QR code for your boat. If you have lost your QR code sheet you can download it below.
If you do not have access to the QR code you can follow the links below:
007 Bodacious  Cat Classic Catapult
C'est La Vie Double Time Element  Halcyon
Hi Jack Invincible Laser 3 Macushla 
Out if the Blue Pandora Relentless Sas Sea
Shambhala  Sirocco Sojourn III Summer of 69
Tranquility Wot a Life Y-Knot  


JBCYC Venue Documents

Thumbnail Title Filename Date Posted Size
PDF file icon JBCYC QR Code for 007.pdf JBCYC_QR_Code_for_007.pdf 07/11/2021 79.77 KB
PDF file icon JBCYC QR Code for Free Spirit.pdf JBCYC_QR_Code_for_Free_Spirit.pdf 07/09/2021 78.43 KB
PDF file icon JBCYC QR Code for Hi Jack.pdf JBCYC_QR_Code_for_Hi_Jack.pdf 07/11/2021 79.82 KB
PDF file icon JBCYC QR Code for Invincible.pdf JBCYC_QR_Code_for_Invincible.pdf 24/11/2021 171.14 KB
PDF file icon JBCYC QR Code for Maculsa.pdf JBCYC_QR_Code_for_Maculsa.pdf 07/11/2021 79.10 KB
PDF file icon JBCYC QR Code for Y-Knot.pdf JBCYC_QR_Code_for_Y-Knot.pdf 07/11/2021 79.43 KB