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9 Mar 2021, 20:39
Update on COVID-19 Restrictions
9 Jan 2020, 05:55
Update on NSW Public Health Orders

In line with all NSW businesses and organisations JBCYC is required to comply with the current NSW Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order. The NSW Office of Sport has provided checklists and templates for Community Sporting Organisations and we have modelled our guidelines and processes on theses. We are required to develop our own COVID-19 Safety Plan, COVID-19 Risk Assessment, provide information and resources for reducing COVID-19 risk, develop and implement our own contact tracing procedures for all JBCYC events, and have a management plan for members who are unwell. We are trying to make compliance as easy as possible for our skippers and crew and we ask for your patience as we continue to update information as the situation changes.

Race/Event Sign on Process: All skippers and crew must register for each JBCYC race or event through their boat specific QR Code or event QR Code. Skipper and crew details for those unable to access QR codes are to be sent by SMS to 0408 314 319 prior to the start of the race. Please include name, AS number if known, and boat name. This sign on process serves as the club's contact tracing process in order for us to comply with the NSW Public Health Orders.

There are a number of documents following on this page. We request that you take the time to read them as when you sign on or register for a JBCYC event you will be required to declare that you are familiar with JBCYC’s COVIDSafe policies and agree to adhere to them. If you do not agree to JBCYC’s COVIDSafe policies you will be unable to participate in JBCYC events. In brief our main COVID-19 management documents are:

JBCYC COVID-19 Safety Policy and Procedures - This is our COVID-19 Safety Plan and deals with most aspects of the club’s operation. The procedures are based on the 3 principles that underlie the Public Health Orders: Social Distancing, Hygiene/Cleaning, and contact tracing. It includes the policy and guidelines that JBCYC will be implementing to reduce COVID-19 risk, a list of resources for information and education, and procedures for use of facilities including the club boat.

JBCYC – Safe Sailing in a Nutshell. This is a summary of all JBCYC COVID Safe Sailing requirements.

COVID 19 Risk Assessment - This tries to identify any situations that are COVID unsafe as well as identify areas where control measures will reduce the chance of COVID-19 infection.

JBCYC Health Reporting Guidelines - This document is to be used where skippers/crew/members who are unwell present at a JBCYC event or where there are wellbeing concerns for a person.

Please note: the boat of any skipper that does not sign on electronically will be disqualified. Any boat with unregistered crew will have a protest raised against them by the sailing committee.

For further information please contact the Commodore, Paul Gooey, on 0491 094 154, the Vice Commodore, Rod Chittenden, on 0408 210 086 or secretary, David Churchward (COVIDSafe Officer), on 0408 314 319.

In the list of files below is a video prepared by club member Steve Sargent on the correct way to use PPE, ie masks and disposable gloves. This is particularly important for skippers as they prepare their boats prior to crew coming on board. To access the video select the download arrow to the right of the 'JBCYC PPE Video".

Many of these documents are a ‘work in progress’ and will be modified as changes are made to Public Health Orders and as restrictions are modified. Therefore it is important to check this page on a regular basis.

COVID-19 Documents

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PDF file icon Covid 19 Risk Assessment.pdf Covid_19_Risk_Assessment.pdf 05/09/2021 151.61 KB
PDF file icon COVID-19 Safety Plan April 2021.pdf COVID-19_Safety_Plan_April_2021.pdf 05/09/2021 128.80 KB
PDF file icon JBCYC COVID-19 Safety Policy & Procedures.pdf JBCYC_COVID-19_Safety_Policy__Procedures.pdf 05/09/2021 189.82 KB
PDF file icon JBCYC COVIDSafe Declaration.pdf JBCYC_COVIDSafe_Declaration.pdf 05/09/2021 86.63 KB
PDF file icon JBCYC Health reporting guidelines.pdf JBCYC_Health_reporting_guidelines.pdf 05/09/2021 87.40 KB
MP4 file icon JBCYC PPE Video.mp4 JBCYC_PPE_Video.mp4 05/09/2021 23,111.40 KB
PDF file icon JBCYC Safe Sailing in a nutshell.pdf JBCYC_Safe_Sailing_in_a_nutshell.pdf 05/09/2021 79.40 KB
PDF file icon Service NSW JBCYC Covidf19 Safety Plan.pdf Service_NSW_JBCYC_Covidf19_Safety_Plan.pdf 07/09/2021 138.38 KB