Venue Logon

Under the current COVID restrictions we must all logon to both Service NSW JBCYC and each boats RevSport logon


Covid-19 Event Logon (Service NSW)

Under the current covid-19 restrictions any person attending any event run by the club must logon via the Service NSW Application. Below is the both the QR Code and link to logon directly. If you click on the QR code it will take you to the logon.

JBCYC Service NSW Covid Safety Plan

JBCYC Service NSW QR Code Document

JBCYC Service NSW Direct Logon Link


JBCYC Service NSW COVID19 QR Code.png


JBCYC Venue Logon (RevSport)

For the club to be able to report on all the people who have attended events or raced on boats we also need to logon to revsport for every race/event. Use the link below to select the event you are attending or the boat you are racing on:

JBYC Venue Logons