JBCYC Usernames

JBCYC uses to seperate web sites on the club:

  • The Australia Sailing RevSport Site
    • This site if mainly for used for our administration under the Australian Sailing umbrella. The site has:
      • The JBCYC Shop
      • The Venue Logon to be used each time you race with the club
      • The ability to check your Australian Sailing details
  • The JBCYC Site
    • Everything else the club needs to communicate to members
    • Some of the content is limited to financial members only, this is why you will need to sometimes logon before accessing information
      • Sailpass members do not get access to the JBCYC restricted content

To be able to access your Australian Sailing details and the restricted JBCYC information you will need to use a username and password.
it would be great if we could use exactly the same username and password on both web sites, but unfortunetly the IT world does not work that way.

So to make is a bit easier we have created the same username on both web sites, but with different passwords. However we would recommend that when you change your password on both web sites, you make them the same.

So here is an example of how it works for a user:

  • Joe Bloggs
    • RevSport and JBCYC Username: joebloggs23
    • Revsport password: revsportpassword
    • JBCYC password: jbcycpassword

To change yoru password, either on first logon or if you don't know it, follow these links:

If you are still having problems then use our Contact Form to get in touch with our web admin and they will contact you. Use the item "JBCYC or RevSport Username of Password Issues".